EZ Lane SL1000 Swing Glass Optical Turnstile

User Friendly Optical Turnstile

Free-flowing, contactless passage meets elegant design and sophistication with the Hayward Turnstiles EZ Lane SL1000 Swing Glass Optical Turnstile. Featuring a wear resistant polyurethane body, optional Ethernet connectivity, and an onboard configuration display, the SL1000 is truly on the forefront of access control innovation and user friendliness.

The SL1000 enhances user experience in both design and functionality. Unlike other optical turnstile options, this swinging glass optical turnstile does not require you to plug in a laptop or tablet to access all functions, parameters, and information. Simply navigate the onboard display to control lanes, gather information, and much more. Each SL1000 integrates seamlessly into building control systems via their available Ethernet interface capabilities (optional), allowing you to easily integrate with existing programs at your facility.

Product Benefits:

  • Touchless entry capabilities
  • Narrow profile cabinet with optional ADA compliant lane widths
  • Onboard lane configuration with optional Ethernet connectivity
  • Glass barriers available in a variety of heights
  • Scratch resistant polyurethane cabinets
  • High throughput with barriers opening in 1 second or less
  • Internal compartment for access control readers

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category EZ Lane SL1000 Brochure

category EZ Lane SL1000 Custom Colors

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Price Range


Security Type

Variable (depends on barrier height chosen)

Barrier Height

Standard: 35" or 889mm
High: 70" or 1800mm
(More on Request)

Passage Width

Standard Lane: 23.62" or 600mm
ADA Compliant Wide Lane: 35.43" or 900mm
(more on request)

Total Width (Single Lane)

Standard Lane: 37.80" or 960mm
ADA Compliant Wide Lane: 49.60" or 1260mm
(more on request)

Housing Dimensions

51.18" x 41.34" x 7.08"
1300mm x 1050mm x 180mm

Housing Material

Scratch-proof, chemically-resistant Polyurethane

Entry/Exit Control

Yes: with integrated access control or manually with on-board lane controller



Visible/Audible Alerts


Tailgate/Crawl Detect


Floor Mount Platform


Security Desk Integration

Desk Panels for Hardwired Lane Control at Desks/Kiosks

Remote Lane Control

Ethernet Connectivity for Remote IP Control

Power Requirements

Input: 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: Maximum 45 W



Hands-free Operation:

Quick and smooth touchless operation with glass barriers swinging open and closed completely from their own power.

Optical Detection:

LED sensors detect passage with high accuracy which then can be used to gather data on traffic patterns, attendance numbers, and more.

Access Control Integration:

The SL1000 can integrate with virtually all common access control reading devices and software with optional Ethernet connectivity also available.

Onboard Control System:

With ease of use in mind, we offer each SL1000 with an onboard control system. This integrated display and control buttons provide you direct access to all functions, parameters, and information without having to plug in a laptop or connect to the internet.

Internal Reader Device Compartment:

Each SL1000 comes with an internal compartment designed for proximity readers. This allows you to install your reader internally for a sleeker look and a tamper-proof installation. All other reader devices can be mounted externally with integration through a dry contact.

Indoor or Outdoor Use:

Our SL1000 has earned an IP 54 rating, allowing you to install it either inside or outside.

Gate End Display Indicators:

Directly on top of the reader device compartment you will find red and green indicator lights that users can glance at quickly to determine if lanes are open to them or if their credentials still need to be validated.

Audible Alerts:

Integral buzzers chime to indicate nearby attendants or security personnel of forced passage, unauthorized entry, functional error, or crawling over/under the unit. You can configure the buzzers on the fly with the onboard configuration display module.

Frame Illumination:

Each SL1000 comes standard with LED frame illumination in red and green to clearly show lane status, direction of passage, or the validity of credentials.

Floor Illumination:

Each SL1000 also comes standard with white LED floor illumination for enhanced visual appeal.

High Throughput/Capacity:

Barrier opening times of 1 second or less allow for rapid throughput and efficient entry for even the highest traffic installations.

Durable Cabinet:

Highly durable polyurethane cabinet provides an impact and chemical resistant alternative to other offerings in the optical turnstile market.

Card Stacking:

  • Lane remains open while authorizing multiple credentials
  • Increases throughput during busy periods
  • Allows simultaneous verifications (good for groups of people)

Tailgate Detection:

  • Assures that only one person enters for each authorized credential
  • Prevents “Piggybacking” by unauthorized entrants

Crawl Under Detection:

Optical LED’s detect all movement 8″ above the floor.

Power Failure/Emergency Mode:

• Barrier easily pushes open during a power failure or an emergency
• Barrier auto-resets when power is restored

Quality Control:

Every unit is inspected, tested, and certified before shipment.



Custom Cabinet Colors:

Turnstile cabinets are available in nearly any customer-specified color.

Custom Barrier Materials:

SL1000 glass barriers can be created in standard single-layer safety glass, acrylic, or other customer-specified materials.

Emergency Button:

An integrated button for triggering the alarm contacts while unlocking the barriers.

Adhesive Plate:

A stainless steel baseplate that attaches to the bottom of the units and is used to glue the units to the floor. This is best for installations where fine flooring material has already been laid and you want to minimize the number of holes you have to drill into the floor.

Foundation Frame Base Plate:

A baseplate made of stainless steel with a black carpeted surface that raises the units off the floor and allows for wiring to route between units without drilling holes into the floor.

Ethernet Module:

Allows for Ethernet connection capabilities so you can integrate your SL1000 with your facility’s current software. Parameterization and signal processing can also be processed with our Ethernet Module via local network or the web.

Glass Panel Etching:

Personalize your SL1000 with custom glass panel etching in your choice of artwork.


*More options and customizations available on request



Please contact us for multi-lane dimensions and custom lane widths.


EZ Lane SL1000 PDF Downloads

category EZ Lane SL1000 Brochure

category EZ Lane SL1000 Custom Colors

category EZ Lane SL1000 Architectural Specifications

*Architects and specifiers should contact us for submittal packages, installation manuals, and more information about this product.


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