Subway Turnstile

Subway Turnstile Definition:

A subway turnstile is used in subway systems and other mass-transit systems to check patrons‘ tickets. Different types of turnstiles are used in different subways depending on variables like throughput, risk, and aesthetics, but waist high tripod turnstiles are the most common type used.

Subway Turnstile Variations:

Turnstiles used in subways are usually electronically operated waist-high tripod turnstiles equipped with card readers. But some higher risk subway terminals use full height security turnstiles to ensure that nobody skips paying their fare. Also, optical turnstiles with retractable barriers are often used in higher-end terminals because of their modern look.

Subway Turnstile Applications:

Turnstiles are used at the entrances of subways to check patrons’ tickets. They only allow access to the subway platforms if a patron presents a valid ticket. Because of this, it is not necessary for companies to hire employees to check tickets on the platforms or inside trains. This automation saves money by reducing labor hours and reducing backup.

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