Office Lobby Turnstiles and ADA Gates Definition:

Turnstiles and handicap accessible gates for office lobbies are the top of the line when it comes to entrance control and security. These physical access control products place a heavy emphasis on aesthetics and design, incorporating sleek lines and quality finishes like glass, brushed stainless steel, and chrome to blend in with your upscale office lobby. They are generally more inviting in design and feature more advanced capabilities than your regular run-of-the-mill tripod turnstile.

Office Lobby Turnstiles and Gates Variations:

There are a few different products to choose from when designing an office lobby access control system. Most choose optical turnstiles for their unparalleled looks and advanced optical beam detection systems. Others choose ADA compliant handicap gates to provide access to those in wheelchairs or with other mobility issues. Both types are designed with high-quality materials like stainless steel and glass and both can be integrated with existing access control systems.

Turnstiles and Gates for Office Lobbies Applications:

Turnstiles and ADA gates are usually placed in office lobbies for credential checking purposes; they save a company money by replacing security guards and front desk secretaries. Entrants present their identification card, key fob, or even use their fingerprint to unlock the turnstiles or gates and gain access into the rest of the building. Having turnstiles and gates in an office lobby helps to increase security, minimize unauthorized entrants, and helps show your employees/guests that you care about their safety.

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EZ Lane SL1000 Swing Glass Optical Turnstile

User Friendly Optical Turnstile

Free-flowing, contactless passage meets elegant design and sophistication with the Hayward Turnstiles EZ Lane SL1000 Swing Glass Optical Turnstile. Featuring a wear resistant polyurethane body, optional Ethernet connectivity, and an onboard configuration display, the SL1000 is truly on the forefront of access control innovation and user friendliness.

The SL1000 enhances user experience in both design and functionality. Unlike other optical turnstile options, this swinging glass optical turnstile does not require you to plug in a laptop or tablet to access all functions, parameters, and information. Simply navigate the onboard display to control lanes, gather information, and much more. Each SL1000 integrates seamlessly into building control systems via their available Ethernet interface capabilities (optional), allowing you to easily integrate with existing programs at your facility.

Product Benefits:

  • Touchless entry capabilities
  • Narrow profile cabinet with optional ADA compliant lane widths
  • Onboard lane configuration with optional Ethernet connectivity
  • Glass barriers available in a variety of heights
  • Scratch resistant polyurethane cabinets
  • High throughput with barriers opening in 1 second or less
  • Internal compartment for access control readers

EZ Lane SL1000 Optical Turnstile PDF Downloads:

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EZ Lane SL2000 Swing Barrier Optical Turnstile

Browser-Based Optical Turnstile

The EZ Lane SL2000 sits comfortably at the crossroads of elegant refinement and technological superiority. This swinging barrier optical turnstile combines the security of a physical barrier turnstile with the sophistication of optical beam detection to prevent tailgating and unauthorized entry with ease. Installing and integrating this UL listed and CE marked optical turnstile is a breeze, too. The SL2000 can be integrated with virtually all access control software and hardware while enjoying the convenience of dedicated inputs for fire and life safety systems. Beyond this, the SL2000 comes standard with browser-based lane configuration software that allows you to use any networked computer, tablet, or smartphone to adjust and fine-tune many of the SL2000’s features and functionalities.

You can equip the SL2000 with our optional LaneAdmin browser-based remote lane monitoring and scheduling software to take even more control of your turnstile entry solution and make changes remotely on the fly. This application provides a virtual desktop of all your installed turnstiles, providing you with a convenient method to view and control the day-to-day operation of your turnstiles including one-time passage, changing turnstile operational modes, and reversing directions of traffic flow all from your web browser.

EZ Lane SL2000 Optical Turnstile Benefits:

  • Touchless entry solution
  • Narrow profile stainless steel cabinet with optional ADA compliant lane widths
  • Simple installation and integration with dedicated inputs and outputs
  • Included browser-based lane configuration software
  • Optional Remote Monitoring and Scheduling Application
  • Available in multiple acrylic barrier heights
  • Space for internal installation of readers

EZ Lane SL2000 Optical Turnstile PDF Downloads:

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ClearPass CP2000 Optical Counting Turnstile

Sophisticated Counting Turnstile

The CP2000 is a patron counting turnstile, but updated for the information age. This barrier-free patron counting turnstile uses a sophisticated optical beam array to detect and count passing patrons in either one or both directions. The CP2000 can even sound an alarm when passage in the incorrect direction is detected, adding an extra layer of protection for your access control system. This compact and modern counting turnstile is a TCP/IP enabled device, allowing it to instantly communicate data with other networked devices. The CP2000 can even be integrated via a momentary dry contact for simple and direct integration. The CP2000’s included browser-based configuration software transforms any networked device with access to a web browser (PC, smartphone, tablet, laptop) into a remote lane configurator. Instead of plugging into individual turnstile lanes, simply use your personal device to install software updates and access your CP2000’s core settings. Step up your analytics and monitoring with our optional ClearCount browser-based software. ClearCount integrates remotely with any networked CP2000, instantly pulling counting information to provide entry numbers, exit numbers, in-venue totals, and more all in a clean and modern interface with extensive reporting capabilities.

ClearPass CP2000 Optical Counting Turnstile Benefits:

  • Touchless patron counting solution
  • Narrow profile stainless steel cabinet with optional ADA compliant lane widths
  • Simple installation and integration with dedicated inputs and outputs
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Included browser-based lane configuration software
  • Optional ClearCount browser-based counting software

ClearPass CP2000 Optical Counting Turnstile PDF Downloads:

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AdaptaRail Bespoke Post and Rail System

The AdaptaRail is a modular post and rail system developed to provide custom railing solutions for any access control project or application. This stainless steel railing system is perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations and is the perfect addition to any turnstile or ADA gate purchase.

There are limitless configuration possibilities with the AdaptaRail system. Simply send us your design specifications or consult with one of our access control specialists to begin crafting your bespoke post and rail system today.

Post and Rail Benefits

  • Stainless Steel for indoor or outdoor use
  • Bespoke design fit for any project
  • Simple construction that matches our stainless ADA gates and turnstiles
  • Available with floor or wall mounts
  • Made in the USA

Post and Rail Applications

  • Guide pedestrians through turnstiles and security gates
  • Create lanes to direct pedestrian traffic flow
  • Fill gaps in entry control systems
  • Segment or block off areas of your facility
  • Create and organize queue lines
  • Enhance security at key checkpoints