Revolving Door Turnstiles

Revolving Door, Gate Turnstile Definition:

Revolving door turnstiles or revolving gate turnstiles combine the look of a revolving door with the security and access control functionality of a full height turnstile. They provide floor-to-ceiling security with an inviting look and are usually made of Lexan or glass coupled with an aluminum or steel frame.

Revolving Door Turnstile Variations:

Revolving door turnstiles are often fitted with additional options like card readers, counters, and indicator lights. They can even provide tailgate detection. Options are added to better fit a revolving door turnstile to a customer’s project needs for security turnstiles.

Revolving Door, Gate Turnstile Applications:

Since revolving door turnstiles have an inviting appearance with a sleek, modern design, they are often used in corporate settings. They are used in data centers and other high-security locations as well, providing floor-to-ceiling security with a transparent design.

Revolving Door Turnstiles

Hayward Revolving Door Turnstile Installations

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