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Benefits of Construction Site Turnstile Systems

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Hayward Turnstiles is a top turnstile manufacturer and has been a trusted turnstile supplier of rugged security access control systems to the construction industry for over 50 years. Industry leaders choose Hayward Turnstiles because they understand the quality , durability, and unmatched customer service that comes with purchasing Hayward products. These companies know that we provide fully customized solutions to fit each and every new project, no matter how big or small. This is the Hayward difference that keeps industry leaders coming back each year for their access control needs.

Security Challenges For The Construction Industry

Construction almost always takes place on location. This creates a number of security challenges for construction companies. Large, expensive equipment often stays on site after work hours along with lumber, steel, copper piping and other building materials. When the work day is over and nobody is left on site, the materials and machinery are left unguarded and vulnerable. Thieves and vandals take advantage of this opportunity and often graffiti walls and steal expensive equipment and materials. With construction site theft being such a low-risk high-opportunity activity, it pays to be protected.

In fact, only 25% of equipment that is stolen is ever recovered. Beyond this, there is no national database for construction equipment, so it is nearly impossible to recover equipment when thieves try to resell equipment. It is estimated that between 300 million and 1 billion dollars worth of equipment is stolen annually.

Along with protecting the valuable items within the construction site, it is also important to keep the public out of the construction site as to protect civilians from the hazardous conditions characteristic of  construction sites. Seasoned construction workers are vigilant and know how to avoid common workplace-related dangers, but if a passerby accidentally wanders into a construction site there could be serious consequences.

The above-stated security concerns are often elevated when building in highly-populated areas like cities and universities. It is imperative to keep sites secure and unauthorized entrants out.

Hayward Turnstiles Provides Access Control Solutions

Construction companies can avoid common workplace security challenges at construction sites by installing hard-to-breach perimeter fences. But, these fences have weak spots–, especially at their entryways. Fence doors can be left unlocked or held open for unauthorized individuals, especially at high-risk/high-traffic construction sites. To eliminate these risks, many construction companies install full height turnstiles at their entryways. These turnstiles control access by only allowing one authorized person access at a time with no risk of tailgating or employees forgetting to lock doors. Construction companies spend tons of money on fencing to keep their expensive equipment in while keeping the wrong people out, but without turnstiles installed these fence systems prove to be weak and vulnerable to threats.

At construction sites where new materials and equipment need to be walked in regularly, full height security gates may also be implemented alongside full height turnstiles. These gates exhibit larger entrance widths and can allow crates, wheel trucks, and other large materials access to a construction site while still keeping the area secure otherwise.Our Hayward Turnstiles full height gates match with and directly integrate with our full height turnstiles, forming a cohesive, turn-key solution for construction companies.


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