Security Swing Gate

Security Swing Gate Definition:

A security swing gate is a pedestrian access control gate. This type of gate swings to open and close. Security swing gates are used when handicap accessibility is needed, but access control security is still required. These gates can be set up to work together with turnstile access control systems, including integration with electronic optical turnstiles.

Security Swing Gate Variations:

ADA compliant motorized and self-closing swing gates along with swing arm optical turnstiles are all considered security swing gates. Though they vary in construction and some functionality, they all swing to open and are used to control access. All of these gates can be configured for one-way or bi-directional access. Further, they can vary in lane width from the minimum ADA compliance of 32 inches outward. Security swing gates are flexible access controlling options for many applications, especially when used as handicap entrance solutions.

Security Swing Gate Applications:

A security swing gate is most often used to control access when handicap accessibility is required. It provides continued security for when a pedestrian cannot use a turnstile because of physical limitations. Turnstile security swing gates can often be used in most places where regular turnstiles are used, like in office lobbies, stadiums, office buildings, warehouses, and subway systems. They are programmed to work with turnstile access control systems for integrated security.

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