Speed Gates

Speed Gate Definition:

Speed Gates are electronic optical turnstile gates that allow quick access. They utilize optical sensors and card reader access to quickly process pedestrian traffic and determine their entry credentials rapidly. These advanced electronic optical turnstiles are top of the line and can also control for one-way or bi-directional access control.


All optical turnstiles are considered a speed gate because of their high throughput and card stacking abilities. These gates come in customizable widths and can be ADA compliant. Also, these turnstile gates can be barrier-free or have one of many types of barriers to further enhance security. Drop arm, swing arm, retractable glass, and swing glass barrier options are all available for enhanced entrance security.


Speed Gates are used in high-traffic areas. They are often used in office buildings, corporate lobbies, subway terminals, and university facilities. These turnstile gates are used to process large crowds of pedestrians without causing a backup. Speed gates are perfect for any modern application because of their sleek and sophisticated styling.

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