Security Turnstiles

Security Turnstiles Definition:

Security turnstiles are a type of controlled access turnstile entry system. These access control turnstiles use physical barriers to prevent unwanted entrants from gaining access to a point of entry. The barrier can restrict access in a single direction or bi-directionally as needed. These turnstile gates work in an integrated security system often along with card readers and electronic locks to further enhance security and ensure that only the right people gain entry to an access point.

Variations: Security Levels

There are many types of security turnstiles to choose, all with different styles and levels of security. Barrier optical, tripod, and full height turnstiles are all different styles of security turnstiles. They also vary in security level with full height turnstiles being the most secure option. Further, barrier types affect security levels. For example, full-sized retractable glass panels may restrict entry better than simple drop arm barriers.


Security turnstiles are used to control and prevent access. These turnstile entry systems ensure that only the right people gain access to areas like warehouses, fulfillment centers, sports stadiums, construction sites, data centers, and more. A strong security turnstile entry system can identify people, protect against unauthorized entrants, and safeguard assets.

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