Handicap Accessible Access Control Gates

Handicap Accessible Access Control Gates Definition:

Access control products for handicap accessibility are characterized as having a 36-inch clear lane width to accommodate for wheelchairs and other mobility devices. These products are often required by zoning laws when implementing a physical access control system because the Americans with Disabilities Act requires equal access to those with disabilities into and out of facilities.

Handicap Accessible ADA Gate Variations:

Handicap Accessible ADA gates range in form and function. Their appearance can range from plain and rugged to sleek and sophisticated. Further, they can feature motorized operation for hands-free entry and can even be fitted with magnetic strike locks. Much like we have to be flexible and ensure equal access to those with physical handicaps, our ADA gates are also flexible in form and function, working well in almost any engagement.

ADA Gates for Handicap Access Applications:

ADA gates can be used virtually in any access control system where handicap access is required. Since they range from rugged and economical to sleek and aesthetically pleasing, these gates can be used anywhere from a subway system to the lobby of a multi-billion dollar high rise corporate office. ADA gates are not only used for handicap access, though. They are often used to direct traffic flows, to provide an alternate means of entry for those with large tools or luggage in tow that wouldn’t fit through a conventional turnstile, and even to provide a safe and effective  emergency exit.

Hayward Full Height Turnstile and ADA Gate Made in America Hayward Turnstiles
MR100 ADA Handicap Gate and MR100 tripod turnstiles Hayward Turnstiles
LC100 Tripod turnstile with SG100 ADA Handicap Gate Hayward Turnstiles
HT431T and HT336M ADA Installed Black Powder Coat Hayward Turnstiles
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