How Much Does a Turnstile Cost?

A very important question customers often ask during the buying process is “how much does a turnstile cost?” The the real answer is: it depends. Turnstile prices can range anywhere from $1600 to $20000 per lane and beyond depending on project needs.

Buying a Turnstile is like Buying a Car

Mercedes car dealership with silver and white carsBuying a turnstile is a lot like buying a car; they both are highly customizable and require a lot of thought prior to purchasing. For instance, cars have many options and trim levels to choose from that can change prices substantially. Car buyers weigh the costs and benefits of additional options, only adding the ones they consider worthwhile. These added options ultimately determine the final price of the car; the more options and customizations you choose, the higher the price. The same is true for turnstile pricing. Anything from cabinet finish to functionality can change the price of a turnstile. Just like a car buyer working with a salesman, turnstile buyers work with access control specialists to determine which turnstile products and options best fit their needs.

When a customer approaches our Hayward Turnstiles access control specialists, we immediately get to work providing a one-on-one pricing consultation. We take the time to go through all of our turnstiles for sale to find the best possible options. We then learn about a customer’s specific project and their access control needs to further tailor our products to their specific needs. Continue reading below for more information about the turnstile pricing process, and how to determine a turnstiles cost.

The Turnstile Pricing Process

1. Buyers start by deciding which of the different types of turnstiles and/or ADA gates are required for their project:


2. Next, buyers look at the base price of the different turnstile models for sale within their chosen category to determine which would best fit their budget. These base prices can differ based on finish, cabinet construction, and many other factors.


3. Finally, buyers add options to customize their turnstile or gate to further align with their project needs. Customizable turnstile features that contribute to turnstile costs include:

  • card-readerCabinet finish: galvanized, stainless steel, powder coated (learn more)
  • Lane width: can facilitate ADA compliance
  • Operation (electronic or manual)
  • Card Readers
  • Counters
  • Custom Signage
  • Single direction or bi-directional functionality
  • Status and Directional Lights
  • RFID
  • Biometric readers
  • Safety Sleeves

…and more


  • Turnstile price truly depends on factors like turnstile type, project needs, and added features impact turnstile costs.
  • Turnstile for sale start at $1600 for basic the most basic options
  • There is no one true answer to how much a turnstile costs, so contact us for a quote today OR GET STARTED BY FILLING OUT THE PRICE REQUEST BELOW:

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