ADA Gates Definition:

ADA gates are swing gates that adhere to the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. These ADA turnstile gates have at least a 32-inch opening to provide unobstructed access for disabled entrants in wheelchairs or with walkers. Facilities often pair these ADA width compliant swing gates with security turnstile access control systems.

ADA Gate Variations

ADA gates come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be electronically operated like optical turnstile or traditionally oeprated like mechanical turnstile gates. They can either be self-closing or fully hands-free with one-way or bi-directional access and are often designed to look like corresponding turnstile models. Also, an ADA gate can have either rugged metal bars or sophisticated glass panels for barriers. With different finishes, barriers, and styles, it is easy to find an ADA turnstile gate to match your project needs.

ADA Gate Controlled Access Applications:

Disabled entrants, like those in wheelchairs, cannot enter buildings through traditional turnstiles. Even deliverymen with hand trucks or large packages need an alternate entrance. Because of these problems, ADA gates are paired with most access control turnstile systems to allow these people access without compromising security.

SG100 SwingGate ADA

The SG100 is a durable yet stylish self-closing swing gate. This round corner gate is available in a standard ADA compliant lane width, but can easily be modified to fit your needs. Furthermore, custom rails can be added to fill any remaining open space. The SG100 is our least expensive and best-selling gate because it offers great value at a reasonable price.

Product Benefits

  • Entry-level
  • Rounded corners
  • One way swing
  • ADA & custom sizes lane widths
  • Post & rail option to fill open space

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SG300 SwingGate ADA

The SG300 is an ADA gate for all locations. This model has a flexible design and is offered in a multitude of configurations. Style options include: wall mount, single floor mount, double floor mount (French-door style) or any combination you desire. Additionally, you can select from an ADA compliant lane width or a custom opening size to fit your needs. This model includes basic signage with custom signage available. The diverse product offerings and flexibility makes the SG300 a popular selling model.

Product Benefits

  • Mid-range
  • Rounded corners
  • One or two-way swing (self-closing)
  • Wall mount or Floor Mount  options
  • Single or Double (French Door) lane widths
  • ADA or custom sizes lane widths

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SG450 SwingGate ADA

The SG450 premium ADA gate has an aesthetically pleasing look with a modern style to fit today’s world. This model features a framed glass gate with a self-closing, bi-directional door. This model’s unique design uses a hidden hinge system, which eliminates the need for external hinges or brackets. This unit is available in both standard ADA compliant or custom sized lane widths. Built for extreme use, this model handles heavy traffic with easy.

Product Benefits

  • Premium model
  • Framed glass door
  • Aesthetically appealing design
  • Hidden hinges
  • One or two-way swing (self-closing)
  • ADA & custom sizes lane widths

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SG500 SwingGate ADA

The SG500 premium ADA gate is a handicap accessible swing gate with motorized operation. It has a sleek and modern look to complement and refine any interior design. This model features a frameless glass door panel and hands-free operation. The concealed interior motor offers bi-directional swing capabilities.

Product Benefits

  • Touchless operation
  • Premium model
  • Frameless glass door
  • Contemporary look
  • One or two-way swing (self-closing)
  • Fixed ADA compliant lane width

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SG525 SwingGate ADA

Modern Motorized Pedestrian Gate

A true complement to your interior design, the SG525 motorized pedestrian gate features a seamless and modern aesthetic. This ADA compliant handicap gate provides bi-directional access with completely touchless operation. Each SG525 swinging barrier is driven by a powerful brushless motor to provide smooth, quiet, and extremely precise movement. In the event of a forced entry, each SG525 comes standard with audible alarms to notify nearby staff of misuse attempts. This modern motorized gate also integrates easily with virtually all access control systems via a momentary dry contact and can be configured to your choice of one-directional access or bi-directional access. Coupled with a dedicated fire system input, the SG525 is a breeze to install and integrate with existing systems. Being a handicap entry option, the SG525 is built with safety in mind. The SG525’s intelligent drive system senses impacts and stops motion in the event of obstructions or complications within its lane.

Product Benefits

  • Motorized touchless operation
  • Premium styling creating a modern, sophisticated look
  • Numerous customizations including alternate post finishes, custom barrier widths and heights, barrier etching
  • One or two-way swing (motorized)
  • 2 units can be installed together in “saloon style”

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LC100 SwingGate ADA

The LC100 ADA cabinet style gate matches the LC100 waist high turnstile. This model is our entry level cabinet style swing gate with the most affordably priced. Standard features include heavy wall cabinet construction, a self-closing bi-directional arm, and black powder coat finish. Its rugged no-frills design is constructed for use in high traffic areas and performs well under heavy usage.

Product Benefits

  • Entry-level model
  • Simple, classic design
  • Single wall cabinet
  • One or two-way swing (self-closing)
  • Fixed ADA compliant lane width

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MR100 SwingGate ADA

The MR100ADA cabinet style gate is a very durable handicap accessible swing gate that matches the MR100 waist high turnstile perfectly in both size and aesthetics. This mid-range model features a traditional square cabinet design with a stainless steel finish.  The MR100 ADA also offers a self-closing arm that can easily be upgraded to provide touchless, hands-free motorized operation. Built for commercial use, this ADA gate will perform flawlessly in commercial environments and is a great choice when functionality, looks, and price are all important.

Product Benefits

  • Mid-range model
  • Classic stainless-steel design
  • Double walled, square end cabinet
  • One or two-way swing (touchless option with self-closing motorized option)
  • Fixed ADA Compliant lane width

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MR200 SwingGate ADA

The MR200 ADA cabinet style gate matches the styling of the MR200 waist high turnstile. This premium model features a streamlined design with round ends in a stainless-steel cabinet. It also includes your choice of a custom solid surface top to match your design environment.The upscale design makes it a popular choice for upscale environments and is the top gate choice for designers and architects. Like all Hayward products, its quality construction makes it durable, rugged and built for a lifetime of performance. When design, functionality and looks matters, the MR200 ADA is the ADA gate of choice.

Product Benefits

  • Premium model
  • Streamlined design
  • Double-wall round end cabinet
  • One or two-way swing (self-closing with motorized option)
  • Custom Solid Surface Top
  • Fixed ADA Compliant lane width

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AdaptaRail Bespoke Post and Rail System

The AdaptaRail is a modular post and rail system developed to provide custom railing solutions for any access control project or application. This stainless steel railing system is perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations and is the perfect addition to any turnstile or ADA gate purchase.

There are limitless configuration possibilities with the AdaptaRail system. Simply send us your design specifications or consult with one of our access control specialists to begin crafting your bespoke post and rail system today.

Post and Rail Benefits

  • Stainless Steel for indoor or outdoor use
  • Bespoke design fit for any project
  • Simple construction that matches our stainless ADA gates and turnstiles
  • Available with floor or wall mounts
  • Made in the USA

Post and Rail Applications

  • Guide pedestrians through turnstiles and security gates
  • Create lanes to direct pedestrian traffic flow
  • Fill gaps in entry control systems
  • Segment or block off areas of your facility
  • Create and organize queue lines
  • Enhance security at key checkpoints



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