ADA Gates

ADA Gates Definition:

ADA gates are swing gates that adhere to the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. These ADA turnstile gates have at least a 32-inch opening to provide unobstructed access for disabled entrants in wheelchairs or with walkers. Facilities often pair these ADA width compliant swing gates with security turnstile access control systems.

ADA Gate Variations

ADA gates come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be electronically operated like optical turnstiles or traditionally operated like mechanical turnstile gates. They can either be self-closing or fully hands-free with one-way or bi-directional access and are often designed to look like corresponding turnstile models. Also, an ADA gate can have either rugged metal bars or sophisticated glass panels for barriers. With different finishes, barriers, and styles, it is easy to find an ADA turnstile gate to match your project needs.

ADA Gate Controlled Access Applications:

Disabled entrants, like those in wheelchairs, cannot enter buildings through traditional turnstiles. Even deliverymen with hand trucks or large packages need an alternate entrance. Because of these problems, ADA gates are paired with most access control turnstile systems to allow these people access without compromising security.

ADA Gates

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