Lobby Turnstiles

Lobby Turnstile Definition:

Lobby turnstiles are modern-looking optical turnstiles or electronically operated turnstiles. These visually appealing electronic access control turnstiles are commonly found in corporate lobbies and office buildings. These electronic turnstiles offer modern styling and an inviting look while also controlling pedestrian access.

Lobby Turnstile Variations:

Optical barrier turnstiles and barrier-free optical turnstiles are often used in office lobbies because of their sleek and inviting design. An optical barrier turnstile may have a swing arm, drop arm, or glass barrier to prevent unauthorized access. Some high-end ADA gates are used in office lobbies to allow access to those with physical disabilities. Similarly, certain high-end stainless steel tripod turnstiles are used in office building lobbies that require higher security.

Lobby Turnstile Applications:

A lobby turnstile is used in office buildings, reception areas, and other corporate settings to raise the level of security while maintaining aesthetic appeal. Lobby turnstiles coupled with card readers or biometric scanners can verify pedestrian credentials and control access autonomously, making security guards’ jobs easier and areas safer.

optical swinging glass turnstiles in an upscale office lobby access control
MR200 ADA installed
HT60 Installed
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