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Benefits of Access Control for Public Transportation Terminals

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Hayward Turnstiles is a top turnstile manufacturer and has been a trusted turnstile supplier to the transit industry for more than 50 years. Transit companies choose Hayward Turnstiles because they understand the quality, longevity, and durability that comes with buying Hayward Products. These companies know that we provide customized solutions to fit each and every new project no matter the size of scope. This is the Hayward difference that keeps some of the busiest public transportation associations coming back every time they need access control solutions.

Security Challenges For The Public Transportation Industry

Public transportation stations create many access control and security challenges. They often have many entrances, a large number of people, and constantly changing traffic flows. These stations must process tickets and get customers to their correct terminals in an efficient and orderly time to avoid backup and delays. This is an extremely difficult task during rush hour when the peak levels of traffic are experienced. Every day these stations run the risk of entrants stealing free rides and exploiting the system as they blend in with crowds. Pickpockets, terrorists, and other ill-wishing criminals all prey on highly populated public areas, and public transportation stations provide the perfect environment for wrongdoing.

Hayward Turnstiles Provides Solutions To These Access Control Problems

Because of the extremely high volume of people traffic encountered in the public transportation industry, many subway stations and bus terminals (among others) implement security turnstile access control systems. Security turnstiles provide a fully automated means of checking patrons’ tickets while simultaneously locking out unauthorized entrants out. This turnstile lock functionality is perfect for public transportation as it would be incredibly difficult and time-consuming to check each patrons’ ticket by hand. Waist high turnstiles or 3 arm tripod turnstiles provide dependable functionality at an affordable price. They are used in many public transportation terminals. In fact, you have probably passed through one if you ever used the New York City subway system or Boston’s T. For even higher-risk stations, full height turnstiles are used. Working like revolving doors, they span from floor to ceiling and are impossible to breach when locked. Finally, optical turnstiles are used for stations that experience extremely high traffic or those that would like to keep a sleek, modern look. These turnstiles use optical lasers to detect passage with swinging, retracting, or drop arm barriers. They work extremely fast and fit right in with modern architecture. No matter which type you choose, any of these three subway turnstiles will save your station money by eliminating the need for extra workers and keeping people traffic controlled and safe.


Train stations, bus terminals, airports, subway systems, and more all choose Hayward Turnstiles for their access control needs. Find our public transportation turnstiles installed at the locations below:

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