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Benefits of Access Control for Military and Government Facilities

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Hayward Turnstiles has been a top turnstile manufacturer and turnstile supplier for both government and military buildings alike for over 50 years. The US government alone has almost one million buildings nationwide. Each of these buildings, whether military or civilian, house sensitive data and high-profile individuals. The US government has and continues to trust Hayward Turnstiles because they understand the quality, durability, and unparalleled customer service that comes with purchasing Hayward products. The government and military both understand that we provide customized solutions to fit each and every new project, no matter the size or the scope. This is the Hayward difference and it keeps customers coming back every time they need access control solutions.

Security Challenges For Government And Military Buildings

The government must safeguard its assets like any other functioning organization. But for obvious reasons, the government must have even tighter security than any other organization. They must protect their sensitive data, elected officials, military information, and more. Government and military buildings need to protect against many threats like terrorist attacks, bomb threats, unlawful entries, and data breaches. These buildings, like all buildings, all have one major vulnerability: doorways. The government needs to somehow protect against unwanted entry while still letting authorized entrants through in an orderly fashion.

How Hayward Turnstiles Provides Access Control Solutions

The access control and security needs of government facilities vary on a case-by-case basis. Optical turnstiles are often used at smaller, less risk-prone facilities like civil courthouses and local government buildings. These optical units blend in with the sleek and prestigious architecture of certain government buildings and look as though they were meant to be there. On the other end of the spectrum, very important government facilities like the Pentagon and the Capitol Building are subject to tremendous risk. They opt for the most secure turnstiles available: full heights. These full height turnstiles span from floor to ceiling to offer impenetrable protection. They control access to only allow entry to one person at a time, staying locked until presented with the correct credentials. Full height turnstiles are paired with matching full height gates to allow handicap access while still keeping the highest level of security possible.

Like government buildings and facilities, many military bases opt for high security access control options. These military bases commonly install full height turnstiles with accompanying full height gates. Further, if they desire a smaller, simpler-to-operate access control option, they tend to choose waist high turnstiles to get the job done. Regardless of what they choose, implementing access control products from Hayward Turnstiles allows the military to control traffic in and out of buildings, keep track of attendance in certain areas of compounds, and ensure that no wrongdoers enter the facility.

Military and government buildings alike can enjoy the added benefit of installing access control products from Hayward Turnstiles. With our products installed, they can ensure that their assets are protected and their buildings are safe. Hayward Turnstiles proudly works with our country’s military and government personnel.


Government buildings, military barracks, government test facilities, and more all choose Hayward Turnstiles to protect their assets. Find our government and military turnstiles used by the following organizations:

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