Library Turnstiles and ADA Gates

Library Turnstiles and ADA Gates Definition:

Library access control systems require physical access control products to reach the next level of security and entry control. Library turnstiles and ADA handicap accessible gates provide that next level by acting as physical barriers to entry while simultaneously and autonomously checking credentials like library cards.

Library Turnstiles and ADA Gates Variations:

Most libraries either use waist high turnstiles, optical turnstiles, or ADA compliant handicap gates to control access in and out. These products are perfect for libraries as they provide an advanced level of security without seeming uninviting or out of place. Fancier libraries like those at universities and college campuses often opt for optical turnstiles instead of tripod turnstiles and swing gates. These optical turnstiles vary in height, material, and functionality, but they all have one thing in common: an advanced level of aesthetics.

Turnstiles and ADA Gates for Libraries Applications:

Turnstiles and ADA gates are perfect for libraries because they can automate the check in process. Entrants can simply swipe their library cards and be on their way without having to check in with the already busy librarians. Further, these physical access control products deter threats and wrongdoers while providing a casual sense of security and comfort for patrons.

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