Glass Turnstile Gates

Glass Turnstile Gate Definition:

A glass turnstile gate is an access control gate with glass barriers. These glass barriers provide enhanced security with an aesthetically pleasing and inviting look. Glass turnstile gates are becoming increasingly popular and are commonly used in office buildings and corporations where maintaining aesthetics is important.

Variations: Size and Shape

Glass turnstile gates come in different shapes and sizes. Rectangular, square, and wedge-shaped glass are common turnstile barrier shapes. These glass barriers can be waist high or full height, depending on the level of security necessary. Barriers can move by either swinging or retracting to open a lane. Movement, shape, and barrier height are all variations that help tailor a glass turnstile gate to specific project needs.

Glass Turnstile Applications:

Glass turnstiles gates are used when security and aesthetics are equally important. Office buildings, corporate lobbies, university facilities, and high-end subway terminals all benefit from the enhanced security and inviting, modern stylings a glass turnstile gate offers.

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