Touchless Turnstiles and ADA Gates

Touchless Turnstiles and ADA Gates Definition:

A touchless turnstile, also known as a hands-free turnstile, is a physical access control device that people can pass through without having to touch anything. Along with touchless turnstiles, there are touchless ADA gates for handicap access. These automatic turnstiles and gates use internal motors and sensors to detect when a person would like to gain entry. Once a touchless turnstile or gate detects a person or receives a proper credential, its barriers automatically open up, allowing hands-free passage to entrants.

Hands-Free Turnstiles and ADA Gates Variations:

There are many types of turnstiles and gates that can be operated hands-free. The most sophisticated and effective version is called an optical turnstile. These speed gates use optical beams and sensors to detect when a person is about to attempt access. If that person is authorized, the optical turnstile automatically opens its barriers and allows the person in. Beyond this, there are also many ADA gates that can operate hands-free. These gates use internal motors to swing their barriers out of the way when someone would like to gain access and swinging closed afterward. Finally, many people do not know this, but waist high turnstiles can also be operated hands-free for a touchless experience. To achieve this, though, proper training is required as entrants must use only their hips to push through a waist high turnstile and not their hands for a truly hands-free experience. Telling entrants to keep their hands up is a great way to instill touchless entry habits with your waist high turnstile.

Turnstiles and ADA Gates with Touchless Operation Applications:

Touchless or hands-free turnstiles and ADA gates have many applications, but the most important is pathogen spread prevention. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many people will implement touchless access control products in their facilities to minimize the spread of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens by minimizing contact and cross-contamination between entrants. Touchless turnstile gates can be implemented nearly anywhere, but the most popular applications we see are at schools, office buildings, public transportation terminals, amusement parks, retail environments, and sports stadiums.

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