Full Height Turnstiles

Full Height Turnstile Definition:

Full height turnstiles are floor-to-ceiling turnstiles with mechanical rotating barriers. They operate similarly to a revolving door with the only difference being that they allow access to one person at a time by locking after a single person makes entry into the system. These access control turnstiles are designed to offer maximum security because it is impossible for an unauthorized entrant to crawl under or climb over them.

Full Height Turnstile Variations:

Full height turnstiles can be used for one-way or bi-directional passage depending on control requirements. They come in many different finishes including powder coated, anodized steel or stainless steel. Full heights are available in a wide variety of passage widths ranging from 30″ all the way to 48″ to allow access to patrons with large objects such as backpacks or tools. When multiple lanes of entry and exit traffic are required, full height tandem turnstiles are also available–these models combine two full height turnstiles into one seamless package. No matter the requirements of your access control system, full heights can be used to provide maximum security at minimal effort. You can compare all full height turnstiles here.

Full Height Turnstile Applications:

A full height turnstile (or a group of full heights) is used when high-security access control is required. These models work great in prisons and other high-risk facilities like data centers, power plants, and refineries. They are often supplemented with our matching Hayward Turnstiles full height gates to allow for handicap access and emergency egress in case of emergencies. Further, full height turnstiles can be fitted with turnstile safety sleeves for ease of use, protection, and insulation.

Full Height Turnstiles

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