Half-Height Turnstile

Half-Height Turnstile Definition:

A half-height turnstile is an access controlling turnstile that reaches waist height. This is the most common turnstile size and is found installed in many indoor and outdoor locations. The half-height turnstile provides one-way or bi-directional pedestrian access.

Turnstile Variations:

There is a large variety of half-height turnstiles. All optical turnstiles and tripod turnstiles are half-height. Though, a waist high optical turnstile may be equipped with a full height barrier. Many ADA gates are also half height.

Turnstile Applications:

Half height turnstiles are most commonly used for lower security access control, crowd control, and patron counting. These waist high turnstiles are often used in stadiums, amusement parks, gyms, libraries, and subway terminals. Half height turnstiles offer access control for a wide variety of applications in various settings.

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