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Hayward Turnstiles is a leading turnstile manufacturer and has been a trusted turnstile supplier of advanced access control systems for office buildings and lobbies for more than 50 years. We are turnstile access control systems specialists with multiple successful installations at some of the top corporations and businesses worldwide. Industry leaders choose Hayward Turnstiles because they understand the quality , durability, and unmatched customer service that comes with purchasing Hayward products. These companies know that we provide fully customized solutions to fit each and every new project, no matter how big or small. This is the Hayward difference that keeps top corporations coming back each year for their access control needs.

Security Challenges For Corporate Office Buildings

Office buildings and corporate headquarters house important financial information, confidential client records, and invaluable trade secrets. They also contain expansive networks of computers, servers, and other key infrastructures that are crucial to keeping a business running. Office supplies alone like phones and printers are a substantial investment for larger office buildings. The supplies and infrastructure contained within office buildings are vulnerable to attacks by malicious competitors, disgruntled employees, and common thieves. Though many companies understand these risks, they rarely secure their office lobbies. At many office buildings, headquarters even, it is possible to walk right through a lobby and into the inner-workings of a business. And at larger companies with high foot traffic, it is impossible to keep track of who entered your company and when.

Hayward Turnstiles Provides Access Control Solutions

To avoid threats and protect against unauthorized entry, it is a good idea to start by securing your office entrance and/or lobby. This can easily be done by installing a system of optical turnstiles. These office entrance turnstiles use high-tech infrared beams to detect and deter passage into your building. Optical turnstiles are also available with physical barriers like optical flap barrier turnstiles if added security is required. These office lobby turnstiles are designed with modern styling in mind, offering a welcome enhancement to a lobby’s aesthetic. Optical turnstiles only allow entrants with the correct credentials access into your business, ensuring that only the right people gain entry. In addition, lobby optical turnstiles come with intuitive software that allows for easy lane control at the touch of a finger, providing a company with even more control of who enters their business.

Another option used to control access into and out of an office lobby is a swing gate, also know as an ADA gate (meaning a gate that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act). These gates also feature modern styling and sleek lines usually constructed of glass swinging barriers fixed to polished stainless steel posts. They provide physical access control where handicap accessibility and aesthetics are both equally important. As you can see with the picture on the left, these gates are a great addition to your office lobby’s decor and will blend right in.

Finally, for situations where higher security is required, a company can benefit from installing revolving door turnstiles. These office building turnstiles look identical to traditional revolving doors, but with the access control capabilities of a full height turnstile. Revolving door turnstiles only allow access to a single person at a time and will lock directly after that person makes it through the unit. These office entrance turnstiles are a great solution for high-security office buildings because they provide the highest level of security while still looking inviting and sleek with their transparent design and stainless steel frame.


Office buildings, high rises, corporate headquarters, and more all choose Hayward Turnstiles for their access control needs. Find our corporate turnstiles installed for the companies below:

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