Turnstile Gate with Card Reader

Turnstile Gate with Card Reader Definition:

A turnstile gate with a card reader is an access control turnstile gate with card reading technology. Card readers have electronic sensors that gather information from cards to determine if a pedestrian should be allowed through an access control turnstile gate or not.

Turnstile With Card Readers Variations:

Many access control turnstiles can be paired with card readers. Full height, waist high, and electronic optical turnstiles all benefit from the added security gained from card reader integration. Also, card readers can read different information from different objects like fobs, keycards, tags, and smart cards. Finally, biometric scanners can be used for enhanced security (like fingerprint scanners).

Turnstile with Card Reader Applications:

Turnstile gates with card readers are used for access control and security purposes. They only allow users with the correct credentials or clearance to gain access to an area. These electronic access systems form an added layer of security for corporate lobbies, office buildings and reception areas, construction sites, government buildings, and more. Turnstile gates with reader access are also used to check tickets on the subway and other transit systems.

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