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Benefits of Access Control for the Information Technology Industry

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Hayward Turnstiles is a top turnstile manufacturer and has been a trusted turnstile supplier of advanced security access control systems to the tech industry for over 50 years. Industry leaders choose Hayward Turnstiles because they understand the quality, durability, and unmatched customer service that comes with purchasing Hayward products. These companies know that we provide fully customized solutions to fit each and every new project, no matter the size or scope. This is the Hayward difference that keeps industry leaders coming back each year for their access control needs.

Security Challenges For Data Centers & Other IT Buildings

The information technology industry is very vast. As the world grows more technologically advanced, the information technology industry grows with it. With over 94% of the world’s data now stored digitally, the IT industry is starting to look more like a data storage and management industry these days. Large organizations store their data in data centers. These are massive facilities that store powerful servers full of all the data we send and retrieve on the internet daily. Cloud computing and other technological advances we have grown accustomed to recently would not be possible without these critical data centers. But with a data center’s huge storage capacity comes extraordinary risk.

With data centers able to store even exabytes of data (with one exabyte equivalent to 250 million DVDs of data), a tremendous risk is incurred just by storing data. Results would be catastrophic if this sheer amount of data were to fall into the wrong hands. Sensitive information like credit card numbers, confidential business files, medical records, and more could be leaked online for all to see if someone with ill-intentions were to gain unauthorized access to a data center. Many large organizations erect their own data centers, so a breach of their information would put the success of their company at risk and would compromise all of their employee records, trade secrets, and financial reports. Sure, it is possible for a hacker to access data center servers remotely, but given access to the servers themselves, a hacker could simply plug-in and start stealing data. So, implementing cybersecurity is only one part of the puzzle–data centers should have strong physical entrance security.

Hayward Turnstiles Provides Access Control Solutions

To protect data in the information technology industry, and more specifically at data centers, organizations must first secure their entryways. Making sure threats can’t even gain entry into a data center or other IT facility is the first line of defense. Many organizations implement full height turnstiles or full height revolving door turnstiles at the entrances of their data centers. These units span from floor to ceiling and cannot be breached. They allow access to only a single person at a time, promptly locking after the person gains entry. These full height models provide the highest level of security; in fact, they are often trusted for use even in prisons because they are so secure.

Along with full height turnstiles, many data centers install optical turnstiles at key entrances and crossroads to further check entrants’ credentials and control access into and out of key areas. These optical turnstiles are visually appealing with sleek, modern aesthetics, so they are also installed in areas where a company anticipates clients and shareholders to frequent, as they provide a distinguished look. They can detect tailgaters, and flap barrier turnstiles will block entry with your choice of steel or glass barriers. They give off a more inviting look for companies that often give tours of their data centers and those that want to impress visitors.


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