Automatic Turnstiles and ADA Gates

Automatic Turnstiles and ADA Gates Definition:

Automatic turnstiles and ADA gates are physical access control products that open and close automatically without patrons needing to touch them or push through them. They are sometimes referred to as hands-free turnstiles or touchless turnstiles depending on the context. These turnstiles are great for high throughput, preventing the spread of germs, and preventing wear and tear.

Automatic Turnstiles and ADA Gates Variations:

There are many types of turnstiles and handicap accessible ADA gates that are considered automatic. Optical turnstiles and some motorized ADA gates are completely automatic: opening and closing all on their own. These products can be set up for one way access or two way access depending on project needs. They can also be integrated with card readers or any other credential scanners to provide an autonomous entry solution.

Applications of Automatic Turnstiles and Gates:

Automatic turnstiles and ADA gates are the perfect access control and entrance security solutions because of their inherent autonomous operation capabilities. Use these automatic security gates in place of a front desk clerk or a security guard to process credentials quickly, efficiently, and without human error. These turnstiles and gates are great for staving off pathogen spread and are the cleanest way to control access. Streamline your credential checking with automatic turnstiles and ADA gates.

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