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Hayward Turnstiles is a trusted turnstile manufacturer and has been a top supplier of school campus security turnstiles and access control systems for more than 20 years. We are turnstile access control systems specialists with multiple successful installations at leading colleges and universities nationwide. We pride ourselves on providing products that can simultaneously reduce cost for universities and make campus buildings safer. Installing Hayward Turnstiles products not only shows you care but also protects your most valuable assets: your students and staff.

Access Control & Security Challenges For Campuses

The number one goal of college and university security teams is to keep students safe. But, college campuses are porous and vulnerable to numerous types of threats from both internal and external sources. Security personnel must deal with a very diverse environment of stakeholders, looking after faculty, staff, students, community members, and administrators. They must take measures to deter external threats like terrorist attacks and crime pouring in from the neighboring cities and towns while protecting against internal threats like domestic disputes and rioting. With campuses now reaching the size of small cities, controlling access into and out of a campuses buildings and providing adequate security creates a major challenge for university personnel. With people going in and out of campus buildings at all hours of the day, there has to be a better way to control access than putting staff at each of the countless campus entrances.

Hayward Turnstiles Provides Access Control Solutions

Because tens of thousands of students and faculty enter and exit campus buildings all day long, many universities implement sophisticated access control systems. These systems often include turnstilescard readers, and ADA handicap accessible gates. The types of turnstiles most campuses implement are optical turnstileswaist high turnstilesADA gates, or a combination of the three to keep intruders out and control the high flows of traffic at key buildings. Turnstiles for universities control traffic flow, process credentials, and prevent unauthorized entry autonomously. This frees up security personnel and allows them to focus on other more important engagements.

Further, more and more campuses are securing their dormitories with security turnstiles because only having a door with a card swipe is not safe enough. Doors can be held or propped open, allowing more than one person access with one card swipe. This issue forces schools to employ staff at each dorm entrance to make sure only the right people gain access, which often becomes costly. Instead, dorm turnstiles do the work of a card swipe door and an attendant combined. They only allow access to one person at a time and lock right after that person gains entry. Dorm turnstiles save schools money and minimize risk at their dormitory buildings.

Hayward Turnstiles provides access control solutions that keep campuses safe and save universities money. Don’t fall victim to the next looming campus threat, control for it.


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