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Hayward Turnstiles is a top security turnstile manufacturer and has been a trusted turnstile supplier of access control systems for industrial settings for over 50 years. Some of the biggest companies in the world trust Hayward Turnstiles to provide their access control solutions. This is because these companies understand the quality, longevity, and unmatched customer care that come with purchasing a Hayward Turnstiles product. Industrial and manufacturing companies have come to know that we provide fully customized solutions to fit each and every new project, no matter the size or scope. This is the Hayward difference and it keeps even the largest industrial businesses coming back every time they need access control solutions.

Access Control & Security Challenges For Industrial Settings

The main access control and security challenge for the industrial industry is protecting assets. Employees, merchandise, machinery, and trade secrets are all major money-making assets of industrial organizations that should be safeguarded at all costs. Any unauthorized entrance can compromise any one of these assets and create a major issue for an industrial organization. In fact, Robert Krauss states in his article on Bitdefender that as business competition grows worldwide, industrial organizations should expect to increasingly be the targets of theft of trade secrets and intellectual property via corporate espionage. Employees and former employees even pose a security risk for an organization, so proper access control steps should be taken to minimize unauthorized access and intellectual property theft. Further, with such high employee turnover being characteristic in the industry, it is challenging to keep track of who is authorized in a facility or not. And when you can’t keep track of who is allowed in your facility/who is in your facility currently, security risks skyrocket.

Hayward Turnstiles Provides Access Control Solutions

The best way to protect assets in an industrial facility is to control access into that facility; it is that simple. By implementing a security turnstile access control system with industrial turnstiles, or security turnstiles, organizations can ensure that only credentialed, authorized individuals are walking around and working in their facilities. Organizations install waist-high turnstiles (also known as 3 arm tripod turnstiles) or optical turnstiles at entryways to autonomously check employee credentials and block entry to non-credentialed individuals. In the highest security situations (like at data centers, nuclear power plants, or refineries), organizations use full height turnstiles and full height gates to ramp up security. These full height turnstile models make unauthorized access impossible by creating an impenetrable barrier.  But, with the increasing occurrence of corporate espionage in the industry, entryway access control may not be enough to safeguard assets. Many organizations also implement access control systems within their facilities with indoor security gates in areas where sensitive data and trade secrets are housed. Often server rooms, archives, and databases are locked up 24/7 with only a handful of credentialed personnel allowed access. This minimizes the risk of internal employee theft.


Warehouses, fulfillment centers, industrial complexes, manufacturing plants, and more all choose Hayward Turnstiles for their access control solutions. Find our turnstiles installed at all of the below industrial companies:

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