Waist High Turnstile Definition:

Waist high turnstiles, or tripod turnstiles, are three-arm turnstiles that sit at waist height. They are designed to control access into or out of a point of entry by only allowing a single person access at a time. These rugged turnstiles are very common and are used for a variety of projects.

Waist High Turnstile Variations:

Waist high turnstiles vary in finish, shape, and functionality. They can have sleek stainless steel or rugged powder coated finishes. These turnstiles can lock on entry or exit, and can even spin freely. Waist high turnstile cabinets can have square edges like our LC100 and MR100 models or they can have round edges like our MR200 and MR200 Plus models.

Waist High Turnstile Applications:

A waist-high turnstile is used when access control is desired but full height security is not required. These turnstiles tend to look more inviting than full height turnstiles, so they are often used in customer service environments and at stadiums, sports and entertainment venues. Waist high turnstiles are a great solution for controlling access without seeming too intense.


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