Turn Style Gates

Turn Style Gate Definition:

Turn style gates, more commonly known as turnstile gates, control access into and out of points of entry, often as part of a security turnstile system. They allow only one person to pass through an access point at a time and can come in many forms. Also,  these gates can allow access in one-direction or bi-directionally. Turn style gates are being used more frequently now as the benefits of access control are becoming more understood worldwide.

Turn Style Gate Variations:

Turn style gates can be found in waist high and full height variations. Depending on project needs, handicap accessible ADA gates are also available. Different finishes and options can further help tailor a turn style gate to project needs. Tripod turnstiles, revolving gates, ADA gates, and barrier optical turnstiles are all considered turn style gates.

Turn Style Gate Applications:

Turn style access control gates are perfect for amusement parks, corporate lobbies, construction sites, stadiums and any other place where access control is desired. They can be used for security, crowd control, pedestrian counting, and credential checking. Turn style gates are a versatile solution to many access control problems.

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