HT431P SecureTurn Portable Full Height Turnstile

Portable and Affordable Full Height Turnstile

The SecureTurn HT431P Portable Full Height Turnstile is the perfect marriage of convenience and cost savings. You get one of the most popular American made full height turnstiles (our HT431 SecureTurn) mounted directly on a fork-lift ready baseplate.  This portable turnstile was designed specifically to rival those expensive and bulky portable full height turnstile solutions currently on the market. No longer will you need a crane or a whole team just to move your portable full height turnstile. Now, you can move your full height turnstile at a moment’s notice with nothing but a forklift. This makes the HT431P a great construction site turnstile because construction companies frequently need to move turnstile entrances as jobs change shape and evolve. Not to mention, many job sites do not have concrete pads in place to mount turnstiles, so a “no mounting solution” like our portable baseplates is required.

Our HT431P only includes the features you need most without any unnecessary options or add-ons. Our streamlined design doesn’t include extraneous features like shipping containers, ramps, or over-engineered/bulky construction, allowing you to get a portable turnstile at a fraction of the cost offered by the competition. We even offer preassembly for our HT431P, so you can enjoy the convenience of having a fully assembled and functional portable full height turnstile delivered right to you. No assembly is required; simply use your forklift to position the preassembled turnstile in place, hook up your power and you are ready to begin using it.

Product Benefits

  • Conveniently movable with a forklift or pallet jack
  • Low profile design saves you space and makes the turnstile easier to use
  • Optionally ships factory preassembled
  • Streamlined construction for massive cost savings
  • Modular design
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • FREE Safety Sleeves

HT431P Portable Full Height Turnstile PDF Downloads

category HT431P Portable Turnstile Brochure

category HT431P Portable Construction Site Turnstile Brochure

specification-new HT431P Portable Full Height Turnstile Dimensions

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Our HT431P Portable Full Height Turnstile is purpose-built for any situation where a full height turnstile is needed but it is not practical, preferable, or possible to mount the turnstile directly into a concrete pad. This portable full height turnstile is also great for situations where you know you will have to move the turnstile frequently throughout its lifetime either to react to shifting traffic flows or to move the turnstile from one site/entrance to another.

More specifically, our HT431P is the number one choice for construction site access control because it is affordable, durable, and can be shipped directly to your job site preassembled and ready to be dropped in place and used immediately. Construction companies pair our HT431P portable full height turnstile with construction site access control software to keep track of employees, monitor time in and time out, and ensure only authorized individuals can enter the construction site. Hayward makes it easy to secure your construction site; simply contact us today and we will facilitate contact between you and one of our many construction site access control software partners. Along with construction sites, amusement parks, fair grounds, industrial facilities, stadiums, and many more all benefit from the enhanced security and convenience of our portable full height turnstile solutions. Reach out to learn more about how you can enjoy floor-to-ceiling security that can easily be moved from location to location with a simple forklift.

Materials and finishes available in:

  • Hot dip galvanized steel
  • Powder coated steel
  • Powder coat over galvanized steel

Nonportable Full Height Turnstiles That We Offer:

SecureTurn HT431 Standard Passage 31″

SecureTurn HT439 Wide Passage 39″

SecureTurn HT440 Wide Passage 40″

SecureTurn HT448 Extra Wide Passage 48″


Padded Safety Sleeves help prevent accidents and enhance turnstile usability (optional):

Prevents injuries – Reduces bruising – Stops heel slams

Softens impacts – Easy-grab cushion grip

Cool to the touch in heat – Insulates bars in cold



Galvanized, Powder Coated, Powder Coat over Galvanize

Passage Width

Standard 31"

Overall Width


Safety Sleeves

Free Heel Pack (3 Sleeves)

Electronic Entry/Exit


Reader Mounting Plates


Key Override


Status Indicator Lights


Mounting Surface

Portable: simply place the turnstile anywhere there is level, sturdy ground


HT431P Portable Full Height Turnstile Details

Product Features:

Materials and finishes in your choice of:

  • Hot dipped galvanized steel
  • Powder coated
  • Powder coat over galvanized

Design & Construction:

  • Turnstile mounted on a robust portable baseplate, enabling you to pick your turnstile up with a forklift or pallet jack
  • Designed for high-security operations with minimally exposed hardware
  • Built tough right here in our Connecticut, USA manufacturing facility for lasting performance
  • FeaturingFully welded exterior components

Turnstile Operation:

  • Self-centering mechanism with hydraulic shock suppression
  • Permanently lubricated bearings
  • Clockwise, counterclockwise, or bi-directional passage
  • Portable and able to be moved to a new location with a forklift or pallet jack

Electrical Specifications:

Power supply input 100-240VAC (.7 amp) 50/60hz output
24VDC (1.1 amp) All components UL recognized


Units are warranted against defects in materials and
workmanship for a period of one year from date of
delivery. See warranty information for specific details.


HT431P Portable Full Height Turnstile  Options


  • Factory pre-assembly
  • Electronic locking module featuring heavy-duty 24 VDC solenoids that can integrate with virtually all access control software and hardware via a momentary dry contact
  • Choice of fail safe (unlock on power loss) or fail secure (lock
    on power loss) for electric units only
  • Card reader mounting plates (electric units only)
  • Anti-climb canopy
  • Key override for electric or manual units (both directions)
  • Red/Green daylight-visible indicator lights (electric units only)
  • Safety Sleeves (Safety Orange or Steel Gray)
  • Heavy-duty lock bar (includes HD padlock)
  • Additional options available upon request


HT431P Portable Full Height Turnstile Dimensions

specification-new  HT431P Portable Full Height Turnstile Dimensions


HT431P Portable Full Height Turnstile  PDF Downloads

category HT431P Portable Turnstile Brochure

category HT431P Portable Construction Site Turnstile Brochure

specification-new HT431P Portable Full Height Turnstile Dimensions

*Architects and specifiers should contact us for submittal packages, installation manuals, and more information about this product.


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