Door Turnstile

Door Turnstile Definition:

A door turnstile is a full height access control turnstile gate with a large, rotating one-way access entryway. The ADA handicapped equivalent is a swinging full height security gate. Door turnstiles are used as substitutes for conventional doors to provide higher security and reduce pedestrian tailgating risk.

Variations: Arms and Glass Panels

Door turnstiles can either be made of strong steel arms or more aesthetically pleasing glass panels. These access control turnstiles can be configured to allow single direction or bi-directional access. Additional accessories like card readers and LED indicator lights can further tailor a door turnstile to project needs.


Door turnstiles replace conventional doors and revolving doors in fencelines and entryways. They are used to allow access only to authorized personnel and are commonly used for high-security access control at construction sites, data centers, military bases, and prisons.

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