Construction Site Turnstiles Definition:

Construction site turnstiles are security turnstiles used to control pedestrian traffic with one-way access doors into and out of construction sites. These turnstiles, turnstile gates, and revolving doors are made of rugged steel and are built to withstand the demanding environment of a construction site.

Construction Site Turnstile Variations:

Full height turnstiles are often used at construction sites because they offer high levels of security and unsurpassed durability. Waist high tripod turnstiles can also be a good option for construction site access control. Though turnstiles are available in many different finishes, stainless steel and galvanized turnstile systems are most commonly used at construction sites because of their strength and weather resistance.

Applications: Gates, Doors, and Turnstiles

Securing the perimeter of a construction site prevents equipment theft, monitors workers, and keeps unauthorized personnel away from the often dangerous equipment. The use of large perimeter fences coupled with construction site turnstiles helps secure construction site perimeters. Centralized points of entry allow only authorized access to secure sites and monitor employee attendance.

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