Outdoor Turnstiles and ADA Gates

Outdoor Turnstiles & ADA Gates Definition:

Outdoor turnstiles and ADA compliant gates are built rugged enough to withstand the harsh weather outside. These outdoor access control products are often built of galvanized steel or powder coated steel to avoid corrosion and natural decay from weather, saline environments, and temperature changes. These weather resistant turnstiles and handicap accessible gates function just as good outdoors as they would in a controlled environment indoors.

Outdoor Turnstile & ADA Gate Variations:

There are a few different types of outdoor access control products to choose from when planning an outdoor physical access control system. For starters, both waist high turnstiles and full height turnstiles are over-engineered to withstand outdoor weather without breaking or corroding. Many ADA compliant handicap accessible gates are also built to last in outdoor environments. Though some are designed for aesthetics and are meant for indoor use only, most ADA gates can be used outdoors.

Outdoor Turnstile & ADA Gate Applications:

Outdoor access control products like outdoor turnstiles and outdoor ADA compliant gates are often used outdoors at amusement parks, stadiums, construction sites, military bases, and more. They are the perfect products for weather resistant access control system.

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