Revolving Gates

Revolving Gates Definition:

Revolving gates are any turnstile access control gate with a revolving barrier or spinning arms. These rotating gates prevent tailgating and allow either single direction or bi-directional access. They are used for pedestrian access control and help keep areas safe and secure.

Revolving Gate Variations:

There are many types of revolving access control gates. Waist high tripod turnstiles, full height turnstiles, and four-arm turnstiles are all revolving gates because they each have spinning arms. Revolving access control gates may vary in size, shape, and appearance and often serve different purposes.


Revolving turnstile gates are used for both security and access control. They are designed to let a single person pass through them at a time but can be locked to deny access if needed. Revolving turnstile gates are used in stadiums, subway systems, amusement parks, warehouses, construction sites, distribution centers and more. These gates are often used together in a series to form a protective border at an access point.

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