Two Tone Turnstiles

Two Tone Turnstile Definition:

Two tone turnstiles are any turnstiles that feature more than one color powder coating. For example, if you order a full height turnstile with blue rotating arms and yellow stationary pieces, you have ordered a blue and yellow two tone full height turnstile. Hayward Turnstile primarily offers our SecureTurn full height turnstiles in your choice of two tone, high-gloss powder coat colors.

Two Tone Turnstile Variations:

Many different types of turnstiles can be configured in a two tone colorway. Our Hayward Turnstiles SecureTurn H431 Standard, HT431T Tandem HT440 Wide Passage full height turnstiles and our HTG-M full height ADA gate all can be ordered in whichever combination of colors you desire. Simply provide an RAL number or inspiration for our team to begin designing your two tone turnstile today. Further, our SL1000 comes standard in a two tone colorway, mixing a modern silver color with a sleek black accent.

Two Tone Turnstile Applications:

Two tone turnstiles are great for when you want the security of dependability of a full height turnstile but also care about your aesthetics and branding. A two tone, high-gloss powder coated turnstile often looks softer and more inviting than a standard full height turnstile. Beyond this, two tone turnstiles are desirable for matching company branding, logo colors, and the colors of neighboring design elements. Finally, many companies utilize contrasting, bright colors for the spinning/moving parts of their turnstiles and gates to make them more visible. This increases usability and safety.

Two Tone Turnstiles

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