High Security Turnstiles and ADA Gates

High Security Turnstiles and ADA Gates Definition:

Turnstiles and ADA gates for high security are the most secure physical access control products available. They are tamper proof, span from floor to ceiling, and they are virtually impenetrable. These full height access control solutions are the most secure entryway solutions on the market.

High Security Turnstiles and ADA Gates Variations:

There are two main types of high security phsyical access control products: full height turnstiles and full height ADA gates. Both product types span from floor to ceiling providing a barrier that cannot be jumped over, crawled under, or easily broken into. These high security turnstile solutions are made of durable steel and can come in a variety of finishes like stainless steel, galvanized steel, or powder coated steel. An honorable mention here are barrier optical turnstiles. Some barrier optical turnstiles can be outfitted with full height glass/acrylic barriers and load sensors so they are not easily jumped over.

Turnstiles and ADA Gates for High Security Applications:

High security turnstiles and ADA gates are great for any entryway that requires the highest level of security possible. Many prisons, government and military facilities, data centers, and more all choose our full height high security products for their unparalleled security and tamper proof construction. Further, many construction companies integrate our full height products into their fence lines to protect their jobsites and keep vandals, thiefs, and other wrongdoers out.

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