Portable Turnstiles

Portable Turnstiles Definition:

A portable turnstile is just as it sounds: a turnstile that can be easily moved from one location to the next. Utilizing an extended baseplate, wheels, and a barrier handle, these units can be easily leaned over and wheeled to their next location with very little effort.

Portable Turnstiles Variations:

The LC100P waist high turnstile is the only portable turnstile currently offered. Though it cannot be electrically powered, it can be set to allow one-way or two-way passage depending on project needs. Also, these portable turnstiles can be fitted with digital attendance counters to help companies gather valuable information on traffic flow, total attendance, and more.

Applications for Portable Turnstiles:

Portable turnstiles are great for any application where there are variations and shifting traffic patterns that must be controlled and managed as these units can be wheeled in place and ready for use at a moment’s notice. For instance, many amusement parks and other attractions employ portable turnstiles because of the inherant traffic flow changes that occur daily (in the mornings, many people are entering the facility, while at the end of the day many people are leaving). Many stadiums and public transportation facilities also use portable turnstiles for the same reasons.

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