Locking Turnstile

Locking Turnstile Definition:

A locking turnstile denies access to unauthorized personnel via an electronic locking mechanism. Locking turnstiles contain a solenoid to control locking and unlocking of turnstile barriers electronically. Unlocking the turnstile can be triggered by card readers, access control programs, or push buttons.

Locking Variations:

Many types of turnstiles have locking capabilities. All full height turnstiles and waist high tripod turnstiles can be equipped with locking mechanisms. A locking turnstile can be configured to have free entry/locked exit, locked entry/free exit, or locked entry/locked exit depending upon security needs.

Turnstile Lock Applications:

Turnstiles are installed with turnstile locks for both security and crowd control reasons. Locks can be used to deter unwanted entrants into an office building, data center, or construction site. Turnstile locks can be used with card readers to make sure only people with correct credentials (like tickets and access passes) can enter into a sporting event, amusement park, or subway system.

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