Fence Line Turnstiles and ADA Gates

Fence Line Turnstiles and ADA Gates Definition:

Fence line access control products are turnstiles and ADA gates that are made to be integrated into a fence line. These turnstiles and gates are always full height because they integrate directly with fencelines and need to maintain the same height. Because of their use in perimeter fences, these turnstiles and gates function at the highest level of security.

Fence Line Turnstile Variations:

There are two main variations of physical access control products that are used in fence lines. These are full height turnstiles and full height ADA gates. Both of these usually come in galvanized steel to match the galvanized steel fences we are so accustomed to seeing. But, powder coated steel can also be used in fencelines as this finish is also corrosion resistant. Finally, stainless steel can be used in super saline environments (like by the sea) and highly corrosive environments.

Fence Line Turnstile and Gate Applications:

Fence line access control products are highly effective at maintaining perimeter security. They take the entryway, which is the weakest point in a fence, and make it just as secure as the rest of the fence line. Fence line turnstiles and gates are used mostly in construction site perimeter fences to help control access into the site and keep wrongdoers out. Further, many factories and processing plants also install these fence line access control products to keep threats out and ensure only authorized people gain entry.

HTSG Emergency Egress Gate
HT431, HT431, HTG-M
Full height turnstiles and full height gate installed under a canopy outside of a factory in a fence line
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