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Security Turnstiles

Hayward Turnstiles is a preferred security turnstile manufacturer and supplier of security turnstiles, security turnstile doors, and turnstile gate products with over 50 years of experience in the industry. Many government facilities, amusement parkscorporationsschool and university campuses, industrial manufacturing and warehousing, construction sitesstadiumsairports and transit systems and more have trusted Hayward to meet their pedestrian access control in office lobbies and high-security turnstile needs. We provided one-on-one consultation for our customers to make sure the security turnstile products they choose to meet their security needs at factory direct prices.

Turnstile Security Systems

Installing access control systems with security turnstiles is a great way to elevate security. This is because security turnstiles, security turnstile doors, gates, and security turnstile systems are designed to restrict access to one person at a time, and will only allow access to entrants with the correct credentials. A person entering a security turnstile presents credentials (like an ID card, key fob, etc.) to a reader attached to the turnstile so it can determine if the person is authorized to pass through the turnstile’s lane. If authorized, the turnstile will unlock and allow the person through, promptly locking immediately after the person has made the passage. These security turnstile systems provide one of the most secure and efficient entry security solutions available because they prevent tailgating and unauthorized entry autonomously.

Security turnstiles always feature some form of barrier to stop unauthorized patrons from entering. These barriers are often composed of solid steel arms or even thick glass panes. In most high-security installments, facilities use turnstiles with steel arms because of their durability and resilience. These types of turnstiles are often used in construction site fence lines, at prisons, data centersmanufacturing sites, refineries, among others. On the other hand, places like office lobbiesgovernment buildings, and public transportation terminals like to implement security turnstiles with glass panes to give off a more modern and inviting look while still holding a high level of security.

Turnstile security systems truly are one of the most efficient and effective ways to control access into and out of facilities. There are many applications for security turnstiles and many industries depend on them to keep their assets and personnel safe at all times.

Turnstile Gate Security Systems

Turnstile gates, also known as ADA handicap compliant gates are also popularly used to secure entryways. These gates are composed of a barrier that opens on a hinge with a lane width of 32 inches or larger (to comply with ADA regulations and provide ample space for a person with a wheelchair to gain access). Turnstile gates are a great addition to security turnstiles because they allow handicap access while still keeping an entryway as secure as possible. Hayward Turnstiles offers security gates that match the look of our security turnstiles. When they are used together with security turnstiles, they create a cohesive access control system that is both stylish and secure.

Sometimes entrants carry large objects with them when passing through an access control system like packages, hand trucks, and tools. Many organizations install security gates to allow controlled access to these entrants. These gates are great for fulfillment centersmanufacturing plants, and other facilities where packages and large machinery are always on the move.

Types of Security Turnstiles

Waist High Security Turnstiles

Waist-high security turnstiles, also known as tripod turnstiles, are turnstiles with three revolving arms that sit at waist height. They are very rugged, dependable, and require very little maintenance. These turnstiles can be used together to form a multi-lane access control system and are a great pedestrian entrance control solution. Combined with our Hayward Turnstiles matching waist-high security gates, these turnstiles can create an access control system that is both secure and accommodating to entrants with disabilities.

Waist High Security Gates

Waist-high security turnstile gates, also known as ADA gates, are a handicap accessible supplement or alternative to waist high security turnstiles. These gates are composed of a glass or stainless steel barrier attached by a hinge to a post. When an entrant is granted access, a waist high security gate swings open to allow the entrant through. These waist high security gates match our Hayward waist-high security turnstiles and can be used in conjunction with them to create a full, handicap accessible access security solution. They can also be used when entrants with large objects like tools, packages, and handcarts need to enter a facility.

Full Height Security Turnstiles

Full height security turnstiles provide the highest level of security. That is because they offer floor-to-ceiling protection and are impossible to breach. These turnstile security doors are composed of strong steel arms attached to a rotating center post. They are designed to only allow access to one person at a time and then promptly lock after that person has made entry. Multiple full height security turnstiles can be used together to form a multi-lane access control system, and there are even full height tandem turnstiles that provide two lanes of access in one stand-alone unit. These full height turnstiles are often used with our matching Hayward Turnstiles full height security gates to allow disabled entrants and people with large objects access. High-risk facilities that require elevated levels of security like data centers, military bases, and more, all choose full height turnstile security doors for their access control systems.

Full Height Security Gates

Full height security gates are similar in construction to regular doors; they both swing on a hinge and span from floor to ceiling. But, full height security gates feature advanced locking mechanisms that raise their security to a higher level than regular doors. These gates are wide enough to provide handicap access and are often used in conjunction with our matching Hayward full height turnstiles. They are the most secure handicap accessible option in the access control industry with the ability to be integrated directly with other turnstiles, gates, and access control softwares.

Optical Security Turnstiles

Optical security turnstiles provide a happy medium between security and sophistication. These security turnstiles use optical beam detection to electronically determine when a person has passed through their lanes. When a person provides the correct credentials, the barriers on an optical turnstile open to allow the person through. Once an optical turnstile detects that the person has finished passing through, the barriers immediately shut. This feature is great for protecting against tailgating (when multiple people attempt to gain access with only one credential) and for providing a fully automated entry control solution.

Optical security turnstiles are the most sophisticated turnstiles and their appearance reflects this. They offer a sleek, modern look with either glass or polished stainless steel barriers. Because of their aesthetically pleasing and generally more inviting appearance, these turnstiles fit in with modern architecture and are a great fit for office lobbiesgovernment buildingsmodern transit systems, and more.

Revolving Security Turnstile Doors

Revolving door security turnstiles are constructed very similarly to full height turnstiles. The only major difference is that instead of steel bars, revolving security turnstile doors use other materials like transparent polycarbonate. These turnstile doors are often mistaken for revolving doors, but instead of spinning freely, they lock after each authorized entrance. Revolving door security turnstiles provide floor-to-ceiling security with a more inviting, sophisticated look. They are often used in data centersoffice entrances, and more.

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