Tripod Turnstiles

Tripod Turnstiles Definition:

A tripod turnstile is a waist high access control turnstile with three revolving arms. Tripod turnstiles restrict access to one person at a time with a set of rotating tripod barrier arms. These half height turnstile gates have traditionally been the most popular type of turnstile.

Variations: Manual and Electronically operated

Tripod turnstiles can vary in functionality. They can operate manually or with added electronics for locking and card reader access. Further, these turnstiles can be configured to allow access in a single direction or bi-directionally depending on project needs. Tripod access control turnstiles can also vary in appearance with different finishes like powder coating and stainless steel.

Tripod Applications:

Using tripod turnstiles is a popular choice when checking tickets at sports stadiums, amusement parks, and university facilities. They eliminate the need for attendants at entrances and provide a means to count the number of pedestrians entering into a facility. These turnstiles paired with card readers and electronic operation are the most popular choice for subway systems and can be found in most of them.

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