Turnstyle Door

Turnstyle Door Definition:

A turnstyle door, more commonly spelled as turnstile door, is a full height access control turnstile gate with a large rotating one-way access door. The ADA handicapped equivalent is a full height gate. Turnstyle doors take the place of regular doors to add higher security and reduce tailgating risk. These security turnstiles are like revolving doors, but they do not allow bi-directional passage to happen simultaneously.

Variations: Arms and Glass Panels

Turnstyle doors can either be made up of strong steel arms or more visually appealing glass panels. Some can even be mistaken for revolving doors. These security turnstiles can be set up to allow one direction or bi-directional access. They can also be fitted with additional accessories like card readers to further enhance security and usability.

Turnstile Door Applications:

Turnstyle doors replace regular doors in fencelines and entryways to restrict access to a single person at a time. These turnstiles are used for high-security access control at construction sites, perimeter fences, data center entrances, military bases, and prisons, among other areas where high-security turnstile access control is desired.

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