Turnstile Security System Swing Gates

Turnstile Security System Swing Gates Definition:

Turnstile security system swing gates are swinging gates that control access into or out of an area. They are composed of a barrier swinging from a hinge on a fixed post. These turnstile gates are often ADA compliant.

Swing Gate Variations:

Swing gates can either be full height (resembling big, metal doors) or waist high. Waist high swing gates can either have barriers made of metal arms or paned glass. Beyond appearance, turnstile swing gates can open in one direction with a 90-degree swing or both directions with a 180-degree swing.  They can be self-closing or they can be motorized for completely hands-free operation.


Security swing gates are usually integrated to work with turnstile security systems. They provide turnstile-like security for disabled entrants because they are ADA compliant. They are wide enough to allow walkers and wheelchairs through and are even used as a secure entrance solution for when large deliveries need to enter an area on foot trucks or carts. Security swing gates are used anywhere a turnstile access control system may be used, like at warehouses, office buildings, construction sites, and amusement parks.

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