Full Height Gate Definition:

Full height turnstile gates are security turnstiles and pedestrian access control swing gates that span from floor to ceiling. These turnstile gates swing like regular doors, but with added security and access control features. These full height turnstile gates provide ADA compliant access for handicapped entrants while still offering full floor-to-ceiling security and access control.

Full Height Gate Variations:

Full height ADA gates are manufactured from heavy-gauge steel. Finish options include galvanized, powder coated, and stainless steel finishes. It is not uncommon for customers to further customize their full height gates with custom passage widths, panic bars, card readers, magnetic locks, and motorized openers.

Full Height Gate Applications:

Full height turnstile gates are security entrance gates that provide maximum floor-to-ceiling security and access control for handicap accessible entrances and exits. These ADA compliant turnstile gates are also used to secure entrances at industrial sites, manufacturing plants and fulfillment centers where packages, tools, and other large objects must enter that cannot fit through conventional full height turnstiles. Further, they are commonly used at construction sites as secure entrances through perimeter fences.


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