Employee Turnstiles and Gates

Employee Turnstiles and ADA Gates Definition:

Employee turnstiles and gates are physical access control products that automatically check-in employees and guard your place of business from unwanted entrants or wrongdoers. They can act as both a physical barrier to entry and a visual deterrent while also processing credentials and employee time card information in real-time.

Turnstiles and ADA Gates for Employees Variations:

All turnstiles and ADA gates can be used as employee turnstiles, it just depends on where you are conducting business, what environment you are in, and the level of security you desire. Waist high turnstiles and ADA gates are often used for businesses that want a moderate level of physical entrance security while still being able to autonomously check employee credentials. Full height turnstiles and full height ADA gates are used in higher security situations where floor to ceiling coverage is required. Full height personnel turnstiles and ADA gates are often used at large sortation centers, fulfillment centers, and at employee parking lot access points. Finally, optical turnstiles are often used for businesses that put a premium on aesthetics. These top-of-the-line employee turnstiles use sophisticated optical beam technology to detect entrants and process credentials all while blending in seamlessly with your businesses interior design.

Employee Turnstiles and ADA Gates Applications:

Employee turnstiles have many benefits for your business. For one, they can take the place of a security guard or front desk reception worker in the credential checking process. Thus saving you money in the long run and preventing human error. Further, these employee turnstiles and gates add an extra layer of physical security against threats and wrongdoers. Finally, installing these products in your place of work can help convey to your workers that you care about their safety and are taking steps to ensure efficient and safe operations around the facility.

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