Indoor Turnstiles and ADA Gates

Indoor Turnstiles & ADA Gates Definition:

There are specific turnstiles and handicap accessible ADA gates that are meant specifically for use inside. These indoor turnstiles and gates are built with aesthetics in mind to provide access control without disrupting the overall architectural design of a building’s interior. These turnstiles and gates are usually more inviting, featuring high-end materials like brushed stainless steel, glass, and chrome.

Indoor Turnstiles & ADA Gates Variations:

Indoor access control products vary mostly in their product type. Many  waist high turnstiles, ADA compliant handicap gates, full height turnstiles, and optical turnstiles are all perfect for use indoors. Being that they are all different types of turnstiles and gates, these products vary in areas like functionality, security level, and price.

Indoor Access Control Applications:

Indoor turnstiles and ADA gates work great in office lobbies, factories, data centers, and more. They control access into and out of a facility while providing a heightened level of security all without disrupting the design and architecture of the facility.

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