Retail Turnstiles and ADA Gates

Retail Store Turnstiles and ADA Gates Definition:

A main issue for retail stores is controlling the flow of people traffic and counting the amount of people inside a store at any given time. There are specific turnstiles and ADA gates that work perfectly in retail environments to help control traffic flows and count patrons. These turnstiles and gates are rugged, low maintenance, and easy to navigate through.

Retail Store Turnstiles and ADA Gates Variations:

Most stores and other retail environments either use Optical Turnstiles or ADA compliant handicap gates in their access control systems. These products handle high volumes perfectly without compromising functionality and traffic controlling capabilities.

Turnstiles and ADA Gates for Retail Stores Applications:

Most stores and other retail environments implement turnstiles and gates to control traffic flow directions. This has become even more apparent in the post-COVID-19 world. Furthermore, being able to control traffic flows means less arbitrage, less security threats, and an overall more organized store. Retail turnstiles and gates are also used to count attendance at stores. These stores can use this valuable information to determine how many people are in a store at any given time, analyze peak traffic times, and more.

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