People Counter Turnstiles

People Counter Turnstiles Definition:

Turnstiles are a great tool for analyzing traffic flow and extracting valuable information when fitted with counters. These digital attendance counters record every successful pass into or out of a facility. Counters are mounted to a turnstile and then connect directly into the mechanism of a turnstile to ensure accuracy, simplicity, and dependability.

Turnstiles for People Counting Variations:

Waist high turnstiles are the most common people counter turnstiles as they integrate easily with counting devices. Further, portable turnstiles are also commonly fitted with people counting devices because they do not require external power. On rare occasions, full height turnstiles have been fitted with counters, but they are not usually the product of choice when the main goal is to analyze traffic flows and count attendants.

People Counter Turnstiles Applications:

Turnstiles for people counting are a valuable tool not yet realized by most. Many amusement parks, public transportation terminals, campuses and more utilize people counter turnstiles to analyze traffic flows. With counters installed, you can analyze which times during the day are peak and off peak, total attendance on a given day, how many people are still in your facility, and more. This is all invaluable information for any industry.

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