5 Things That Set HT431P Portable Full Height Turnstile Apart from the Pack

|By Drew Schwarz

At a Glance: Our Portable Full Height Turnstiles Are More Affordable and Practical

  • Portable full height turnstiles are crucial for applications where it is not possible or preferable to mount a full height turnstile directly into a concrete pad
  • Up until recently, portable full height turnstiles have been extremely expensive, overengineered, and hard to move
  • The Hayward Turnstiles HT431P Portable Full Height Turnstile changes the game by providing portable full height security in an easy-to-move and affordable package


Conventional Portable Full Height Turnstiles are Overengineered and Expensive

Portable full height turnstiles have been around for over 10 years. For the longest time, the world has known these portable security solutions as being bulky, over-engineered structures fitted with a turnstile inside of them. These conventional portable turnstiles require specialized shipping trucks, cranes, and a whole lot of coordination just to get to your job site. Not to mention, the price point of these movable turnstiles makes them an unrealistic spend for most of the applications where they would be needed.

Here at Hayward, we like to provide simple, streamlined, and honestly priced turnstile products that just make sense from a consumer’s perspective. When we started developing our very own portable full height turnstile, we knew that most construction companies needed a portable turnstile that could be easily moved at a moment’s notice at an affordable price point. Nothing more, nothing less. And that is how the HT431P came to market.

Our HT431P Portable Full Height Turnstile takes one of the country’s most trusted full height turnstile products, the HT431, and places it on a low-profile, forklift movable baseplate. It is this simplicity that allows the HT431P to be easily shipped, effortlessly moved around, and—above all—extremely affordable compared to the next best portable full height turnstiles on the market.

Redefining what it means to be a turnstile manufacturer is our mission here at Hayward Turnstiles. Our HT431P makes it more accessible and practical to deploy a portable full height turnstile solution on your job site, construction site, or other facility. Below you will find the five reasons why our HT431 is better than your run-of-the-mill portable full height turnstile.

5 Great Things About the HT431P


1. More Affordable Portable Turnstiles

The HT431P trims the fat off the traditional portable full height turnstile price. Most of the competition utilizes shipping containers or elaborate exoskeletons to house their turnstiles. From a consumer’s perspective we found no justifiable reason for using these elaborate structures to house your turnstiles for the price point these manufacturers ask for.

We understand that most of our portable full height turnstiles will be used as construction site turnstiles. Most construction companies simply need a way to have a functioning full height turnstile that does not mount directly into the ground. We have found that our forklift-compatible baseplate accomplishes this need at a fraction of the material and labor costs of these more elaborate and unnecessary designs.

Not falling into the overengineering trap has allowed us to price our HT431P in a league of its own. We don’t have to cover excessive labor costs, material costs, and overhead in the price of our product because there are none. Our baseplates are simple and affordable to manufacture in comparison to conventional designs, so we are able to pass those savings along to you.

2. Easier To Move

Traditionally, moving portable full height turnstiles has been a laborious and time-consuming process, often requiring heavy equipment like cranes and specialized logistics companies just to ship these products to site. As we mentioned before, we engineered our HT431P with the modern consumer in mind. We know consumers want a portable solution that can actually be moved at a moment’s notice, otherwise, what would be the true point of buying a “portable” turnstile?

The HT431P’s unique streamlined design with integrated forklift slots makes it light and easy to move with a forklift or large pallet jack.  This feature not only saves time and effort during installation and relocation but also provides greater flexibility when reacting to shifting access control points. It’s a game-changer for industries that require frequent entry location changes or want to move their turnstiles to new sites often, like at construction sites, for example.

3. More Flexible Modular Design

As mentioned above, most other portable turnstile solutions still rely on their exoskeleton or shipping container design. Thus, when you order a container with 3 turnstiles inside of it, you are stuck with 3 turnstiles. There is no way to add or remove a turnstile without having to buy a completely new structure.  Thus, making it difficult to utilize your current turnstiles for future sites/projects where you don’t need the exact number of units that fit in your existing container.

The HT431P Portable Full Height Turnstile offers unparalleled versatility due to its inherently modular design. With each unit being standalone, you can effortlessly add or remove individual turnstile units as required. This feature grants you the flexibility to customize the number of turnstiles to suit space requirements and traffic demands.

There is no reason something that is meant to be flexible and easy to move should be laborious and constrained. That is why the HT431P’s inherently modular design just makes more sense.

4. Lower Profile Turnstile Baseplate

Accessibility and usability are crucial factors in any turnstile design, and the HT431P takes it to the next level with its low-profile baseplate. Unlike conventional portable full height turnstiles that may require users to step quite high to get onto the platform, the HT431P’s baseplate is designed to minimize the step height, ensuring comfortable and convenient access for users. This thoughtful feature enhances user experience while also promoting safety by reducing the risk of trips and falls. Further, if you are on a construction site, it takes very little effort to mound up some dirt, process, or gravel to meet the height of the short baseplate to create a gradual and safe incline to the walking surface of the turnstile.

5. Easier to Deploy Preassembled Turnstiles

More often than not, if you require a portable full height turnstile you are looking for an easy-to-implement and flexible access control solution. What could be easier than receiving a shipment of a fully preassembled portable full height turnstile to your job site? For a nominal fee, we can preassemble your HT431P in our factory and ship it fully assembled (just like you will have it deployed on site), so you can simply pick the turnstile up out of a standard truck with a forklift and drop it in place wherever you need it.

With us shipping you a fully preassembled turnstile, you will save money by minimizing labor hours and time because you do not need to bring a team on-site to assemble the turnstile when it arrives. Further, you will not need to bring a team on-site to disassemble your turnstile and reassemble it at a new location when you eventually decide to move it. By paying us a small upfront preassembly fee, you can avoid upfront installation costs and further disassembly and reassembly costs every time you want to move your turnstile. This is especially important for when our portable access control solutions are used on construction sites. The shifting needs and evolving scopes at construction sites require products that can be deployed at a moment’s notice and moved to a new location effortlessly. Construction site turnstiles need to be flexible and easy to move. The HT431P is exactly that.

We know that many of our competitors in this space offer preassembled units as well, but—as we have shown above—these units still require a ton of coordination and specialized machinery to get from factory to site. Not to mention, most players in this space require factory commissioning on-site before you can receive any warranty for your product.

Hayward knows you want a product that works right out of the box. We also know that a portable full height turnstile is supposed to be simple and easy to implement. That is why we do not require factory commissioning, especially on our preassembled models. This creates a streamlined purchasing experience where you can pull your portable turnstiles off of a truck and begin using them immediately.

Conclusion: Portable Turnstiles That Just Make More Sense

Not all portable turnstiles are created equal. Historically, manufacturers have been creating portable turnstiles the way they have always been produced. These bulky, overengineered turnstiles forget a consumer’s true wants and needs when they go looking for a portable full height turnstile. After all, most of our portable turnstiles will be used as construction site turnstiles on various job sites around the country, and we know that construction managers want something affordable, easy to use, and extremely flexible so it can be moved from site to site easily.

Hayward created the HT431P to break this trend and create a product that just makes sense. Our HT431P provides you with everything you need in a portable turnstile without requiring you to pay for all those other things you don’t need.

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