Partner Turnstile Installer Spotlight: Avant-Garde Turnstiles

|By Drew Schwarz

At a Glance: More Than Just a Nationwide Turnstile Installer

  • Hayward Turnstiles has a nationwide network of partner installers
  • Avant-Garde offers turnstile installation, repair, and service nationwide
  • Their team carries turnstile replacement parts on their trucks for rapid deployment and turnstile repair
  • The Avant-Garde team offers preventative scheduled maintenance plans to extend the life of your turnstiles

Nationwide Network of Turnstile Installers

Hayward Turnstiles has worked tirelessly to build our nationwide network of partner turnstile installers over the past couple of years so that we can offer our customers turn-key solutions that combine both the procurement and the installation of turnstiles and other access control products. Our team is glad to work closely with our partner installers to provide you with a “one stop shop” purchasing experience. Our certified installers will manage your project from start to finish including purchasing, installation, integration, and servicing so you will no longer have to juggle purchasing turnstiles, figuring out what access control devices you need, or coordinating installation with a third party. No matter where you are located, our Hayward team can coordinate installation with one of our partners right in your area.

Though we have partners all around the country, we find it important to give praise when praise is due. This is why we are proud to showcase our strongest partners in our access control blog whenever we notice partners that go above and beyond expectations. We found it only right to feature Avant-Garde Turnstiles in this showcase because of their immense turnstile installation knowledge and their diverse skillset. Read on below to learn more about Avant-Garde and what makes them a great Hayward Turnstiles partner.

Who is Avant-Garde Turnstiles?

Avant-Garde Turnstiles team installing optical turnstilesAvant-Garde Turnstiles is a certified Hayward Turnstiles installation partner that proudly offers turnstile installation nationwide. It doesn’t stop there, though. The Avant-Garde Turnstiles team offers turnstile repair, turnstile preventative service and maintenance, and even extended warranties to complement their extensive turnstile installation services.

Avant-Garde Turnstiles is headquartered just outside Louisville, Kentucky. The company specializes in the consultation, sale, installation, and service of all types of turnstiles. Over the last few years, Avant-Garde has expanded its reach to service customers across all of North America and Europe. They work on all projects regardless of the size or scope, providing the same level of care and service expertise on single entrance applications as they do on large, enterprise-level projects.

Turnstile Repair in Under 48 Hours Within the Continental United States

Turnstiles are often your first line of defense against unauthorized entry and external threats. Because of this, time is truly of the essence in the event that your turnstile was to ever go down or stop working as it should. In the extremely rare event that your turnstiles or gates are not operating exactly as they should, the Avant-Garde Turnstiles repair team can deploy to your site and repair your turnstile in under 48 hours if you are located within the continental United States. The Avant-Garde team makes this possible by stocking all of their service vehicles with turnstile spare parts and all the tools they would ever need. This allows them to deploy immediately to a site without having to order parts and wait for instruction from manufacturers. With such punctual service, there is no wonder why so many companies choose Avant-Garde for their repair and service needs.

Scheduled Turnstile Maintenance for Optimal Performance

car engine and valve seals

Turnstiles, like cars, can operate without flaw for years and years with proper care and regularly scheduled maintenance. Just like how getting regularly scheduled oil changes will allow your car to run like new for years to come, taking proper care of your turnstiles and security gates will ensure that they operate now and into the future without fail.

Avant-Garde Turnstiles shares the same view as the Hayward team that a well-maintained turnstile is a happy turnstile. This is something the Avant-Garde team takes very seriously. In fact, they offer preventative maintenance plans to extend the life of turnstiles and security gates in the field. These maintenance plans ensure proper turnstile operation while also helping to prevent future incidents.

Though our turnstiles are extremely low maintenance and feature self-cleaning attributes and components, it is always advised to conduct regular maintenance to avoid issues and ensure optimal turnstile operation.

Partnering to Provide an Improved Purchasing Experience

In conjunction with our many turnstile installation partners around the country like Avant-Garde Turnstiles, the Hayward Turnstiles team is able to offer our customers turn-key solutions because we know that many of you don’t just need to buy turnstiles; you also need them installed and maintained throughout their life cycles. Our arrangement with our partners allows us to focus on what we do best–manufacturing turnstiles–while our partners are able to focus their efforts on the installation and integration aspects. This not only allows us and our partners to operate more efficiently, it also benefits you–the customer–by creating a purchasing environment where you only have to work with one point of contact and can hold one all-encompassing warranty that covers not just the products, but the installation work also. Ready to work with one of the most trusted turnstile manufacturers and one of the biggest turnstile installation companies in the country? Fill out the contact form below to get one step closer to finishing your turnstile project:

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