Before You Buy...

There are a few key variables to consider before you buy turnstiles for your upcoming access control project. Below are the important points to consider when planning your turnstile order. This list is not exhaustive; therefore, it is recommended to call the specialists in the sales department at Hayward Turnstiles for free consultations and expert advice before you purchase any items.

1. How many turnstiles do I need?

The following should be considered to calculating the number of turnstiles required before you buy:

Size of the entrance: Generally, the size of the entrance in question dictates about how many turnstiles are needed. Therefore, the larger the entrance, the more turnstiles are needed and vice versa. Alternatively, post and rail systems can be used as a substitute to fill gaps if a continuous line of turnstiles is not desired or necessary for the amount of traffic encountered.

Throughput and peak traffic: Similar to entrance size, throughput and peak traffic at an entrance are crucial to determining how many turnstiles are needed for a project (throughput can be defined as the speed at which individuals can enter the facility, usually expressed as people per minute). Simply put, the more turnstiles used, the higher the total throughput will be. This is because there are more turnstile lanes, allowing more passes per minute. Notably, under normal conditions a typical turnstile should handle a throughput of approximately 20 people per minute, meaning there will be no lane congestion if 20 or less people pass through a turnstile in a minute.

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2. What functions should my turnstile have?

The following variables should be considered when choosing how a turnstile should function based on your project needs.

How should the turnstile mechanism be configured: Turnstile mechanisms can be configured to act in a number of different ways, therefore it is crucial to configure a desired turnstile in conjunction you’re your specific project needs.

Directionality: First, it should be decided whether turnstiles are needed that spin in one direction or two. For entrance only or exit only access points, single direction mechanisms are suitable. Alternatively, for access points that have both entry and exit traffic, a bidirectional turnstile mechanism is recommended.

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3. What type of finish and protection should I choose?

When choosing a finish, it is important that you understand the benefits of certain finishes and how they relate to your specific project.


What environment is the turnstile going into: The environment a turnstile gets installed into is an important variable that can affect the longevity and usability of a turnstile. For instance, if someone places a turnstile outside in a coastal area, the increased presence of salt and water can corrode the turnstiles if the correct finish is not chosen.

How will the unit be treated: Though turnstiles are tough, how they are treated affects which finish should be chosen. For example, turnstiles in a corporate office will see less wear and tear than turnstiles on a construction site. So, it is vital to consider how a unit will be treated and who will be using it before deciding on a finish.

Turnstile Buyers Guide Summary:

Here at Hayward Turnstiles, we strive to be your number one source of turnstile related information because we want to provide you, our customers, with the most knowledge available before you buy. With today’s technology and capabilities in the access control industry, you can never be too educated before you buy, so it is only right that we do everything we can to ensure that our customers make the right decisions for every project.