Seeing Double: Saving Space With Full Height Tandem Turnstiles

|By Drew Schwarz

At a Glance: Full Height Tandem Turnstiles Provide Two Lanes of Entry in One

  • Project planners look to optimize space in any way possible
  • Specifying access control projects is all about maximizing throughput and saving space
  • Full height tandem turnstiles provide the throughput of two full height turnstiles in one space-saving design
  • Hayward Turnstiles manufactures our own full height tandem turnstiles right here in Connecticut

Access Control Design is a Game of Saving Space and Maximizing Throughput

Access control project planners have a tough job. They must create integrated security systems that simultaneously control access, deter unauthorized entrants, and function flawlessly. Easy right?

Much like any building designer, access control system designers face certain pressures from their superiors to get the most utility in the smallest space possible. It’s a game of optimization, really. In this game, the turnstiles and gates with the smallest footprint tend to win and make it to the final specification.

Saving space isn’t the only pressure these planners face, though. They must also ensure that throughput, or the rate at which people can enter through an access control system, is maximized. After all, you can have the smallest access control system ever in your office lobby and save tons of space, but none of that matters if traffic is continually backed up and people cannot get to their offices on time.

So now the game is two-pronged; access control project planners must ensure maximum throughput without taking up too much space. Though this isn’t easy, there are certain access control turnstiles designed specifically for saving space without hindering throughput rates.

Tandem Full Height Turnstiles Win the Access Control Game

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a turnstile that was purpose-built to save space while simultaneously maximizing throughput? Well, you’re in luck because there is one! Tandem full height turnstiles take all the functionality of two full height turnstiles and puts them together into one space-saving design. In other words, a tandem full height turnstile is just two single full height turnstiles sharing the same frame which allows the overall width to be much less than having two single units next to each other. These tandem full height turnstiles are great for when a project calls for multiple floor-to-ceiling access control products in a confined space as the total space needed per entrance is significantly less.

Benefits of Choosing Tandem Full Height Turnstiles

  1. Saves Installation Time: Having to install a new full height turnstile for each additional lane would become quite time consuming. By using tandem full heights instead of singles, you can effectively cut your install time in half because each unit installed provides two lanes of passage instead of just one.
  2. Saves Space: As you now know, each tandem full height turnstile provides two lanes of passage. To achieve the same level of throughput without a tandem full height turnstile, you would need two single full height turnstiles. The overall width of two singles next to each other would far surpass the width of one tandem. Therefore, choosing a tandem full height turnstile over a single would save you space.
  3. Saves Money: For the same reason that a tandem full height saves space, buying a tandem full height turnstile also saves you money because one tandem full height turnstile is almost always cheaper than buying two single full height turnstiles to achieve the same results.


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